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For over 30 years, Reams Goodloe has provided high-quality, client-focused intellectual property law services to clients. He has drafted hundreds of patent applications, and has represented clients in licensing deals that generated millions of dollars in revenue. His work in patent and trademark matters, including patent and trademark application preparation and prosecution before the USPTO, patent portfolio management and strategic IP development, has enabled many clients to successfully monetize their intellectual property portfolios though profitable mergers or acquisitions.

Reams Goodloe has expertise in engineering, including chemical and mechanical matters, and prosecutes patent applications in many technologies, including chemical and mechanical technologies, electrochemical, and electromechanical devices, and dental and medical devices. He founded the firm in 1990.

Reams has a unique perspective of the legal and business requirements facing businesses, having served as both in-house and outside counsel.  Prior to law school, he worked in the sale of air conditioning, heating, refrigeration equipment, and heat transfer equipment, as well as the sale of boilers, incinerators, specialty chemicals, and engineering services, and specialized water treatment equipment.   As in-house counsel, he worked both full time and part time with multi-national equipment suppliers and service providers - in large scale water treatment equipment and service businesses. His work in private practice has included patent non-infringement opinions, invalidity opinions, patentability opinions, product clearance studies, design around studies, license agreements, and technology development agreements.  He has provided cost effective risk reduction advice for many clients. His experience includes drafting and negotiating complex multi-million dollar equipment supply agreements including patented devices, trade secret technology, and copyrighted works, as well as related construction contracts, and various technology development, joint venture and licensing agreements, including patent, software and trade secret licenses, managing patent portfolios, and providing strategic counseling in a wide array of Intellectual Property and contractual matters.

His work has included review and negotiation of contracts for complex process equipment systems including patented and trade secret components, often in remote locations (e.g., a water treatment plant for a large mine operation in Virginia; water recovery systems for a project in the Saudi/Kuwait partitioned neutral zone; water treatment systems for mines and power plants in locales such as the Czech Republic and Poland; and complex systems for various plants in the US, Canada, China, Mexico). Project values involved often ranged to over US$10,000,000, and occasionally up to US$100,000,000 or more.  Leading complex negotiations in many countries with different cultures, often with special emphasis on local law requirements, product warranties, performance guarantees, and on indemnity, insurance, and project risk issues, has provided a unique ability to find a way to “get the deal done” while working though competing constraints and priorities. The work also involved preparation and prosecution of various patent applications involving gas compressors, combustion equipment, heat recovery equipment, and water treatment technologies. His work has involved travel to China, Canada, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, UK, and other locales to work with local counsel on various IP or Transactional projects.  He handles matters at, and has appeared before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board at the US Patent Office. He has participated with local counsel in proceedings at the Re-examination and Invalidation Department of the Chinese Patent Office (formerly the PRB) in Beijing, and at the European Patent Office Board of Appeal, in Munich.

Reams has drafted and prosecuted patents in a wide range of technical fields, including ultrapure water manufacturing, wastewater treatment, hazardous waste treatment, hydrothermal processes for chemical product manufacture, nano-material manufacture, radioactive waste treatment, aircraft fuels, engine systems, supersonic compressor designs, material handling equipment, dental devices, medical devices, surgical tool, surgical implants, orthotic devices, aircraft control systems, aircraft anti-icing and deicing systems, aircraft structural and aerodynamic components, fatigue life enhancing processes for metal fabrication, and product designs for a variety of mechanical structures, trailer hitch designs, retractable stair designs for recreational vehicles, vehicle stability devices, lids for beverage containers, and a wide variety of “widgets and gadgets” developed by independent inventors and small companies. Having drafted a number of patents which have been involved in litigation, and his unique perspective of having served as a fact witness in patent cases, and as an expert witness in patent litigation, as well as litigation counsel, provides a unique window into understanding the challenges that clients will face as patents are tested in the crucible of litigation.  He is able to use that knowledge during patent prosecution to his client's advantage.

Reams received his chemical engineering degree from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, and his law degree from the Seattle University School of Law. He is licensed to practice law in the state and Federal courts in Washington State, the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and before the US Patent and Trademark Office.  He is a member of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers), AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers), ABA (the American Bar Association), and WSBA (the Washington State Bar Association).

Reams is also a private pilot and holds an instrument rating, and is a member of EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association). He likes to spend his free time umpiring youth baseball (High School Varsity and U-18 summer leagues), riding his road bicycle (including week long rides of 400-500 miles), and traveling the world with his cameras, photographing birds, animals, and landscapes.

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