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We will work with you to obtain Trademark Registrations for your Brands, Patents for your Inventions, and Copyright Registrations for your Creative Works.

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While we maintain in confidence any confidential information that you might reveal before you retain us to work for you, many questions can be answered without the need for you to disclose particulars of your inventive concepts.  However, we will need for you to identify potential adverse rights holders or adverse parties, so that we can check, and clear as necessary, any potential conflicts of interest.  Submitting this form does not create an attorney-client relationship.  We are not your lawyers, and you are not our client, until we have conducted and cleared our conflicts check, and we have entered into a written engagement agreement with you that sets out the scope of services to be provided, and provides initial information on government fees, costs, professional fees, and trust deposit requirements which may be involved for such services.

Do not provide us with any confidential materials, whether invention disclosures, unpatented subject matter, or other materials, in the form below, or in a contact message, or by unencrypted email.  If it becomes necessary to receive confidential information and documents from you, we will provide a link to a secure file server, so that any required documentation may be securely transferred by encrypted transmission.

Note that we accept deposits and payments via Credit Card, using the  LawPay® on-line payment system.

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