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Dispute Resolution

When you need action in a trademark dispute, give us a call.  After our review, we can make recommendations to assist in handling and resolving issues.  In trademark matters, development of a solid timeline analysis of the scope and timing of use of marks in various locales can often quickly identify the “junior” and “senior” user of conflicting marks, and assist in determining strategy for resolving conflicts. 

If you encounter breach of a contract involving intellectual property, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, or trade secrets, an initial analysis, or even a second opinion, is often helpful in determining steps that may be taken to resolve the matter.  And, we regularly respond to demands such as cease and desist letters.  When appropriate, we also prepare demand letters as an initial step in our work toward bringing infringers to a halt. 

In patent matters, our search for prior art that invalidates a patent being asserted can often promptly resolve unwarranted claims of patent infringement.  And, we provide comprehensive services for the analysis of validity or infringement of patents, and provide detailed opinions to protect your interests should litigation occur.

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