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Copyright Law Services

We help growing businesses and individuals protect creative works. We help businesses in securing rights in works created by independent contractors, whether in development of contracts for work by independent contractors, or in agreements to acquire and secure such rights when the need arises.  And, we provide counsel to independent contractors that want to retain rights in works created or provided under contract work, by negotiating language to clearly define who gets what rights to project deliverables.   Timely counsel on these issues reduces the possibility of disputes arising after the work is completed.

Specific services include:

  • Preparing and Filing applications for copyright registration
  • Negotiating contract language to spell out ownership of rights in creative works
  • Preparing documents for Assignment of title to creative works
  • Filing Assignment documents with the Copyright Office
  • Filing Copyright Renewal Applications
  • Review and Negotiation of Contracts for Books and other Works.
  • Providing counsel for Creative Artists to avoid copyright or trademark disputes
  • Review and counsel regarding Publicity Rights
  • Copyright license preparation, review, and negotiation
  • Rights enforcement and Dispute Resolution 

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