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If you need comprehensive review of terms and conditions of your contracts, try our services.  We have many years of experience negotiating tough deals in commercial and industrial settings for a variety of clients, in the US and around the world.  We are especially focused on delivering high quality assistance for complex deals involving various aspects of intellectual property, including equipment and process design issues. 

We handle sales contracts and design/build contracts involving a variety of equipment, as well as other deals involving provision of services.  We assist clients in addressing issues of liquidated damages for completion schedules, insurance, indemnity, warranty, and performance guarantees.  With help of counsel in other jurisdictions, we negotiate complex agreements for supply of proprietary equipment and related confidential or proprietary technical information, such as architectural or engineering drawings, or copyrighted installation and maintenance manuals.  With experience in sale of equipment such as refrigeration, boilers, incinerators, and many kinds of water treatment equipment, we have a strong track record of finding ways around roadblocks, and instead of simply providing language and warnings, we will work with you to find ways to “get a deal done”.

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