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R. Reams Goodloe, P.S., provides a broad range of legal services, with a focus in Intellectual Property, and in preparation and negotiation of complex contracts for a variety of products in many industries, especially those involving Intellectual Property.

Intellectual Property Strategy

We serve individuals with great ideas, start-ups working to set-up and build out IP protection, and multi-national businesses on specialized projects, both nationally and internationally. Our experience can provide services focused on your specific situation and objectives.

When starting new businesses, or when protecting market share by obtaining patent protection to provide a competitive edge, your efforts are cost-effectively enhanced by working with a firm that helps you build a focused IP strategy. We will help you in defining the technology that you want to protect. And, we will help you to evaluate the likely scope of protection available, and in evaluating the business models that may be useful in exploiting and preserving exclusive rights to your new developments.

When selling new products, picking and protecting brands, and obtaining trademark protection for those brands, is extremely important.  We provide search services to help you select new trademarks, and provide services for registration and maintenance of trademarks.

Since we represent a range of entities, from individual inventors to very large companies, we have experience at tailoring an IP strategy that optimizes choices between the current resources available and your long term business objectives. Sometimes, using a request for prioritized patent examination, at additional upfront cost, represents a cost effective plan to meet product development timing and market share protection strategies. Or, filing of a provisional patent application, and avoiding immediate payment of filing fees for search and examination of a non-provisional patent application, may provide a foothold for ultimately obtaining IP protection for an inventor that is still raising funds for a new business.

And, when faced with a competitive threat or patent infringement assertion, we have decades of experience in helping clients find invalidating prior art that can be used against asserted patents, or in developing design around strategies that minimize or completely avoid the risk of infringement presented by competitive patents.

We assist clients throughout the United States, and from other countries, with respect to Trademarks, Designs, Copyrights, and Patents. We are especially suited to assist foreign counsel with Trademark representative needs in the United States. Please contact us with your inquiries.

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